Council and Team Leaders

The church council is the leadership of our local church, giving vision and organization to what we do as a church family.  Ministry teams are a way to coordinate and insure that the works of the many facets of TLPC are accomplished.  Each team has a leader who has the best interest of the ministry and church at heart.  If you would like to be involved with a ministry team, contact the team leader.  Participation in a ministry team is a wonderful way to feel involved in the life of the church – and it is a way to answer God’s calling to be a good steward of our time and talents.

Council Officers

Lori Breuch


Secretary/Clerk of Session
Mark Heyne

Financial CFO/Treasurer
Ed Czerwinski

Other Council Members

Jerry Manifold

Nancy Settle

Sandy DeGuire

Ben Avery

Dave Huggins

Sonya Huggins

Team Leaders

Social Outreach and Missions (Not a voting member of the Council)
Edie Lott

Darlene Fredericks

Faith Formation
Lori Breuch

Member Care (Not a voting member of the Council)
Lis Green

Property (Not a voting member of the Council)
Earl Pearson

Mutual Ministry
Mark Heyne


TLPC Council Leadership Calendar


Please consider giving to our ministry.  Regular and special offerings can be mailed to:

Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church
PO Box 10620
Truckee, CA  96162

Also, visit our giving page which we hope to update soon with new ways to give online.



Prayer Requests

We would like to pray for you. Please email any prayer requests to Pastor Joanie and indicate if it is confidential (for the pastors only) or you would like the Prayer Team or the Congregation to pray for you. Pastor Joanie

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Faith and Community

Worship With Us!

Sunday Worship: 10:00 a.m.  We meet at the Seventh Day Adventist Church facility at 11662 Hope Court, set back in the woods near the corner of Hwy 267 and Brockway Road.  Click on the link for  more information.

Sunday Seminars: 9:00 a.m.