online_sermons12You are invited to listen to a selection of the weekly sermons of Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church offered to you in MP3 format.  To listen, click on the audio bar for each sermon.

Pastor Joanie’s Sermon on 09/15/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 09/01/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 08/24/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 08/18/2019

Bishop Mark Holmerud’s Sermon on 07/21/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 07/14/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 06/29/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 06/23/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 06/16/2019 (A short very glitch at the beginning that I couldn’t edit out.)

Pastor Kate’s Sermon on 06/09/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 06/02/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 05/26/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 05/19/2019

Pastor Hilda Pecoraro’s Sermon 05/12/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 05/05/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on Easter Sunday, 04/21/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 04/07/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 03/31/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 03/17/2019

Pastor Kate’s Sermon on 03/24/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 03/03/2019

Ryan McKenzie’s Sermon on 02/24/2019

Pastor Joanie’s Sermon on 02/17/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 01/27/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 01/20/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 01/13/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Epiphany Sermon on 01/06/2019

Pastor Jeanie’s Sermon on 05/13/2018

Pastor Jeanie’s Easter Sermon on 04/01/2018

Pastor Joanie Tankersley’s Sermon on 12/10/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 12/03/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 10/08/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 10/01/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 09/24/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 09/17/2017: “Forgiveness”

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 09/03/2017

Pastor Joanie Tankersley’s Sermon on 08/13/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 08/06/2017

Pastor Joanie Tankersley’s Sermon on 07/23/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 07/16/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 07/09/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 07/02/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 06/25/2017:

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Easter Sermon on 04/16/2017: “Finding Hope”

Pastor Joanie Tankersley’s Sermon on 03/26/2017: “Compassion Passion”

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 03/19/2017: “Reflection”

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 02/12/2017: “Foundations”

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 11/13/2016: “Abundance and Scarcity

Pastor Jeanie Shaw’s Sermon on 09/04/2016: “The Back Of God”

Bishop Mark Holmerud’s Sermn on 08/21/2016: “Get Over It!”

Leeana Tankersley, Author and Guest Speaker, on 08/07/2016:  “Always We Begin Again.” (St. Benedict)

Guest Pastor Rick Mills’ Sermon on 06/19/2016:   “All About the Two Sides of God’s Grace”
This audio includes the Gospel reading.

Guest Pastor Christy Ramsey’s Sermon on 06/12/2016:  “Pointers, Retrievers and Guides” 
For this sermon click the linked title.

Joanie’s Sermon on 05/29/2016: “All Our Gifts Count!”

Scott’s Sermon on 05/22/2016: “Adopted by Grace”

Guest Pastor Hilda Pecoraro’s Sermon on 05/15/2016: “All Fired Up!”

Scott’s Sermon on 05/08/2016:  “Who’s Got the Power?”

Scott’s Sermon on 05/01/2016: “A Home for Faith”

Scott’s Sermon on 04/24/2016:  “Change and the Church”

Joanie’s Sermon on 04/17/2016:  “When Jesus Comes Along”

Scott’s Sermon on 04/10/2016: “What Peter Needs. What We all Need

Joanie’s Sermon on 03/13/2016:  “Enjoy a Full Cup”

Scott’s Sermon on 12/27/2016: “Out of the Manger” 

Scott’s Christmas Eve Sermon:

Scott’s Sermon on 12/06/2015: “Who is in Charge?”

Scott’s Sermon on 11/15/2015: “When times are uncertain. . .”

Joanie’s Sermon on 11/08/2015: “God’s Heart for the Church”

Scott’s Sermon on 11/01/2015:  “Why Did Jesus Cry?”

Scott’s Sermon on 10/25/2015: “Good News That We Haven’t Heard”

Scott’s Sermon on 10/18/2015: “Why is it so hard to follow Jesus?”

Scott’s Sermon on 10/11/2015:  “The Eye of a Needle and Other Stumbling Blocks”

Scott’s Sermon on 10/04/2015:  “‘Helper’ or ‘Partner’ — Which does God intend?”

Joanie’s Sermon on 09/27/15: “Love is a Many Splendored Thing – Sometimes”

Scott’s Sermon on 9/20/2015: “Listening for Peace”

Scott’s Sermon on 9/13/2015: “Don’t Play with Fire!”
A small portion of this audio may appear to be missing.  A short video was playing at that time.

Joanie’s Sermon on 9/06/2015: “Holy Inclusivity”

Scott’s Sermon on 8/23/2015: “Ready to Serve in our World”

Joanie’s Sermon on 8/16/2015: “Come Join the Conversation” This audio file contains some short sections where you cannot hear the congregation’s participation.

Scott’s Sermon on 8/09/2015: “Taste and See”

Scott’s Sermon on 8/02/2015:  “Hungry for what?”

Scott’s Homily on 7/26/2015:  “There is a boy here. . .”

Scott’s Sermon on 7/19/2015: “Gathered in and Renewed”

Joanie’s Sermon on 07/05/15: “The Beauty of Your Feet”

Scott’s Sermon on 6/28/2015: “The Mystery of Healing”

Scott’s Sermon on 6/21/2015: “Where is Jesus?”

Scott’s Sermon on 6/14/2015: “Small Church, Big Things”

Scott’s Sermon on 6/07/2015: “Holy Ground”

Scott’s Sermon on 5/24/2015:  “Jostled by the Spirit”

Scott’s Sermon on 04/26/2015: “What about the ‘Other Sheep’?”

Joanie’s Easter Sermon on 04/05/2015: “Love is Stronger than Death”

Joanie’s Sermon on 03/22/2015: “Up Close and Personal”

Scott’s Sermon on 03/15/2015:  “Grace is the Word”

Scott’s Sermon on 03/08/2015:  “Another Side of the Passionate Jesus”

Scott’s Sermon on 03/01/2015: “Who is following whom?”

Scott’s Sermon on 02/22/2015:  “This is a True Story”

Joanie’s Sermon on 02/15/2015: “When Vision Becomes Reality”

Scott’s Sermon on 02/08/2015:  “Freedom to Live One’s True Vocation”

Joanie’s Sermon on 01/25/2015: “It’s a Call You Don’t Want to Miss

Rick Mill’s Sermon on 01/11/2015: “Remembering Our Baptism

Erica Rader’s Sermon on 01/04/2015: “From Homage to Wholeness

Scott’s Sermon on 12/28/2014:  “The Baby is Here—Now What?

Scott’s Sermon on 12/24/2014: “Celebrating Emmanuel

Scott’s Sermon on 12/21/2014:  “Mary, God’s Favored One

Scott’s Sermon on 12/07/2014: “The Trail Blazer

Joanie’s Sermon on 11/30/2014:  “When Lament Turns to Hope

Scott’s Sermon on 11/23/2014: “Images of the Shepherd”

Scott’s Sermon on 11/09/2014:  “What Does it Mean to Be Prepared?”

Scott’s Sermon on 11/02/2014:  “Living as Saints in the World”

Scott’s Sermon on 10/26/2014:  “Which Words to Live by:  ‘We’ve Always Done it this Way’ or ‘New and Improved?”

Scott’s sermon on 10/19/2014:  “What do you see?”

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