Council and Team Leaders

The church council is the leadership of our local church, giving vision and organization to what we do as a church family.  Ministry teams are a way to coordinate and insure that the works of the many facets of TLPC are accomplished.  Each team has a leader who has the best interest of the ministry and church at heart.  If you would like to be involved with a ministry team, contact the team leader.  Participation in a ministry team is a wonderful way to feel involved in the life of the church – and it is a way to answer God’s calling to be a good steward of our time and talents.

Council Officers

Lori Breuch

Dave Huggins

Secretary/Clerk of Session
Mark Heyne | Bio 

Financial CFO/Treasurer
Ed Czerwinski

Other Council Members

Jerry Manifold

Nancy Settle

Sandy DeGuire

Ben Avery

Dave Huggins

Sonya Huggins

Team Leaders

Social Action Missions and Justice  (Not a voting member of the Council)
Edie Lott

Darlene Fredericks

Faith Formation
Nancy Settle

Member Care
Sandy DeGuire

Mark Heyne

Mutual Ministry
Lori Breuch


TLPC Council Leadership Calendar