Pastor Jeanie Shaw

Jeanie ShawAs of Sunday, September 22, 2019 Pastor Jeanie Shaw is our called pastor!  Pastor Jeanie is a graduate of Gettysburg College, one of our Lutheran schools and Princeton Theological Seminary! She is a Lutheran Presbyterian!  She has served churches in New Jersey, New York, the California wine country, and all over the greater Sacramento area.  Currently she is the half time Pastor of a New Worshipping Community called Eventide that meets Sunday evenings. Eventide is Pastor Jeanie’s third New Church Development that she has served.  Jeanie has a passion for growing churches and serves as a National Church growth Coach for the Presbyterian Church. She will be traveling to Iowa in mid October to support a new church in Fort Dodge.
Jeanie has a heart for mission. She has served Christ on many short-term missions all around God’s world including India, Russia, Peru, Nicaragua, Kenya, The Philipines and Thailand. The highlight of her experiences was serving in Kalighot, Calcutta, India with Mother Teresa in her Home of the Pure Heart (formerly Kalighat Home for the Dying) doing hospice work for the sick, destitute and dying. She serves on the National Response Team for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, leading teams to rebuild homes in the aftermath of Hurricanes, Floods and Tornadoes. We are excited to have Pastor Jeanie lead trips for our members and give us the opportunity to serve. She has said that, “A mission trip changes lives—not only those that we have the privilege to serve, but our own lives as well.”
Jeanie first came to our Sierra Mountains as a rock climbing and mountaineering instructor, guiding trips for colleges and churches. She has told the Council how absolutely thrilled she is to be back home in the mountains of Truckee!
When she was in High School Jeanie used to enjoy a Diner close to her home in West Chester, Pennsylvania. One evening after a ski trip she stopped at our Jax Diner and felt right at home. It looked exactly like the Diner from her youth. It turns out that it IS the Diner, and was moved to Truckee from Pennsylvania.
Jeanie has a stepson who is practicing medicine in Portland and a daughter who was just graduated with her Masters in International Public Health from Sydney, Australia. She has a Burnese Mountain dog that is definitely a part of their family!