Our College Students Really Love Their Care Packages!

Some sent both pictures and messages!  Some sent messages.  It is obvious they all love getting their TLPC Care Packages!

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See messages from our college students:

Dear TLPC Family,

Thank you so so much for the care package!! I was very confused when I got notified to pick up a package, and extra confused when they handed me a big ole box; But very, very thrilled to find such a lovely care package inside that cardboard. Thank you all for such a thoughtful gift, it is such a light in my crazy college days.

I am finishing up my third quarter here at UC Davis and the spring has sprung! The mood on campus has definitely become much more cheerful and lively as people sense the summer, just around the corner. Classes are crazy but interesting!

The note included in my care package was wonderful! It’s so great to know I have so many wonderful people praying for me back home. Holla at Ben for the best note “It’s me Ben, Hi” I believe is what it read. Again, thank you so so much!

Love and Prayers, Elizabeth

I was thrilled to receive the box full of treats from the church, and I had a friend snap a photo for you as soon as I got it.  Thank you all so much for always thinking of me and reminding me that I am loved.
God bless you,  Helen


Thank you and the church so much for the care package! I feel so loved, and have felt so loved everytime I have received a box filled with treats from my church family. It really means a lot to me, and I can’t believe I have been receiving collegecare boxes for 5 years now! Thank you for sticking with me, even from miles away, for all this time!

Here’s a picture of my excitement as I dumped out the treasure within the box.

Love you all! See you soon!  -Allison

Hey guys. Thank you very much for the care package. With finals coming up I was reminded of how many people are thinking and praying for me at school. Thank you so much for everyone’s support. I really appreciate it!

Thanks again,  Michael

Dear my TLPC Family,

You are all the best! I am sincerely grateful for your generous care package. Everything is awesome up here in Portland. I have been extremely busy with an organization I am developing.  Very long story short, but my business partner, Erich, our guide, Doug Stoup, and I will be breaking the world speed record for skiing from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole this January, 2017.  We are doing this expedition for many reasons, but we mainly want to raise global awareness to the international dumping in these protected areas and we want to bring awareness to the potential for renewable energy in Antarctica. We are excited!

I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to visiting soon!

Best, Stein

Thank you TLPC for the wonderful gifts! I am so appreciative of you all!

Love, Thor R

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