Truckee Lutheran Presbyterian Church (TLPC)  is currently involved in an ongoing visioning process.  We began with a consultant from the Alban Institute and are continuing on our own.  Earl Pearson is now chairing the Visioning Team.  Scroll  down to see links to meeting notes on the current work of the Visioning Team and other Visioning Team documents.  You are welcome to join the Visioning Team!

Amost 3 years ago Pastor Ed brought up to TLPC’s Council the suggestion that it was time for our congregation to embark on a process of discernment or visioning.  He stated that this process of discernment would be key in prayerfully determining what our future has in store.  At the 2010 Annual Meeting, the congregation wholeheartedly embraced this proposal and the expenses involved.

After a look at various consulting firms who assist congregations in visioning, we began by engaging Rev. Sarai Rice, a consultant with the Alban institute, to guide us through the process.

Over about a year’s time we met many times both, with and without Sarai.  We discussed what we saw as the purpose of “the Church” and surmised that it was to spread Jesus words of love and grace, to teach us to love our neighbor and a place to live out God’s love, and our core beliefs. We gathered stories from members and friends and  focused on the concerns and joys expressed in the stories.

From these meetings, with Sarai’s guidance, our goal and priorities have evolved, have been refined and continue to be refined.  In 2013 we are focusing on a changing vision for pastoral ministry at TLPC.

Earl Pearson, TLPC Council Vice-President is now chairing the Visioning Team.

Visioning Team Meeting Notes 09-08-2013

Visioning Team Meeting Notes 06-09-2013

Visioning Team Meeting Notes 04-14-2013

Visioning Team Meeting Notes 01-13-2013

Visioning Team Meeting Notes 10-21-2012

Visioning Team Meeting Notes 9-16-2012

Visioning Team Meeting Notes 4-15-2012

Visioning Team Meeting Notes 1-7-2012

TLPC Strategic Goals and Priorities

TLPC Visioning Team

“The New Real Church”

Visioning Team Presentation to Church – May 20, 2012